Lonsdale Street Medical Centre is introducing Cosmetic injectables to its service. 

Dr. Maria Comyns is a cosmetic injector focused on delivering up-to-date techniques with highest quality products.  Her areas of interest are anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal filler injections, and fat-dissolving treatments.  As a Doctor cosmetic injector, she will work with you to achieve your facial aesthetic outcome.  Whether it be facial feature enhancement, wrinkle reduction and prevention, or your desire to age gracefully.

When attending Lonsdale Street Medical Practice for a cosmetic injectable appointment you will have the confidence knowing the Doctor and staff will treat you with honesty and respect.  During your consultation the experienced Doctor will advise you on your best options for treatments, and discuss all benefits and risks of any procedure. Of course, these options will be in alignment with your desired results you are choosing to see.


Anti-wrinkle injection

Anti wrinkle injections are a non-surgical treatment that smoothes lines and reduces noticable wrinkles. Lines form as a result of daily facial expressions and become deeper over time.  Treatments have results within 2 weeks.

  • Forehead from $119

  • Frown lines from $256

  • Crows feet from $256

  • Bunny lines from $49

  • Brow lift from $49

  • Masseteurs from $479


*Consultation fee may apply


Dermal filler

 Dermal fillers are a temporary non-invasive treatment used to return youth and volume to the face. As we get older our skin lose its elasticity and hydration. Fillers are an excellent way to restore or enhance what you were naturally born with.  Dermal fillers can be used in lips, cheeks, tear trough, chin and the jawline.

  • Lips from $399

  • Lip enhancement from $499

  • Lip volume enhancement from $599

  • Cheek / jawline /chin volume filler from $599

  • Tear trough from $599

  • Marionette lines or nasolabial folds from $599 

*Consultation fee may apply


Fat dissolving treatments

Want to reduce your double chin appearance? 

Submental (or under chin) fat dissolving treatments can be discussed.  Usually 2-3 treatment sessions are required 8 weeks apart depending on desired result. 

Other body areas can be discussed at time of consultation

  • From $499 per session


*Consultation fee may apply